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SLCC offers tennis, pickleball, and platform tennis for all members and their guests!

Courts can be reserved online by going to

We now are offering private & group lessons!

Guests of members are at no charge for the first two visits and then $15 per visit afterwards.

SLCC has a tennis court and lessons available to all members and their guests. 

The tennis court can be reserved by going to 

Private & group lessons for all ages are available
through our instructor Lindley Arnold for
$40/hr (private lesson) or $15/hr (group lesson).

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Lindley J. Arnold
Tennis Instructor
(616) 890-5858

About Lindley - 

Lindley is currently the Assistant Head coach for Boys and Girls Tennis @ Kelloggsville High School and is the Student Services Coordinator @ 54 Street Academy.
Lindley attended Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan
majoring in Social Work. While at Ferris he won the amateur tennis
title, an award given to the best tennis player who is not currently in
the professional tennis management program and/or on the tennis
team. He is a member of the USTA with a current ranking of 3.5/4.0

Lindley Arnold is an educator currently living and working in Grand
Rapids. His areas of focus include coaching tennis and building
positive relationships with children and families. As an educator he
enjoys teaching tennis to children and adults. In their pursuit to be the
best player and person they can be, Lindley uses his skills from inside
and outside of the classroom.

His approach to tennis is:
The first lesson he learned in tennis is that “not all talent is distributed
equally”. However, with hard work and dedication a person can only
be limited by their own constrainst.

To help you to be the best tennis player that you can be. I will teach
you how to use the correct technique and strokes for each shot. You
will learn how to hit the right shot at the right time. While training we
will have fun, and play loose and be confident.

Besides working in education, Lindley travels all over the country
attending training sessions for tennis skill and coaching improvement.
This is done to gain new skills, and techniques from coaching ideas to
inspire others.

When not playing or coaching tennis, Lindley enjoys spending time
with his wife, daughter and two sons.


SLCC provides two pickleball courts available to our members and their guests!

Courts can be booked by going to

Private & group lessons for all ages are available
through our instructor Larry Vanderroest for
$30/hr or $40 for 90 minutes

Larry Vanderroest
Pickleball Instructor
(810) 923-8290

About Larry - 
Larry VanderRoest is Top Rated Senior Pro Pickleball player.  He’s been playing and instructing the game for over 7 years.  Larry has medaled in countless tournaments particularly in Michigan and around the Midwest. 

He now puts an emphasis on coaching players of all levels doing clinics and private instruction.  He teaches pickleball around the country for Level Up Pickleball Camps.

Larry also has had great success working with many players directly here in West Michigan. 
Here’s a comment from one of those players: “Larry is a fun and patient coach.  He knows his stuff and sees things in my game that others don’t." 

SLCC has two Platform Tennis courts and lessons available to all members and their guests. 

Platform Tennis is a cold weather sport where the courts are heated from below to melt ice and snow off of the courts. 

The courts can be reserved by going to